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Sharanya Ramprakash   

director | actor | playwright
Co-founder of Dramanon Bangalore. Recipient of the INLAKS Theatre award'14, India Foundation for the Arts (IFA) Grantee '15, International Theatretreffen scholar '16 and Winner of Best Original Script at META '16.  Sharanya also brings with her 5 years of experience in employee engagement at the workplace, recreation management & designing "great place to work" initiatives. 

Swetanshu Bora  

actor | playwright | lighting designer  

Swetanshu has been performing for 10 years in fields of physical, improvisational and text based theatre.  He is the recipient of the Toto Funds the Arts Award' 13, Finalist of the Hindu Metroplus playwright Award '11. He has trained as a playwright under the guidance of Royal Court Theatre (London) as part of their outreach program. Swetanshu also brings with him 5 years of IT experience as an Analyst.

Sridhar Prasad

production head | business development

Sri is an Aerospace Engineer and also heads Dramanon's business operations. He has handled production requirements of close to 100 shows both nationally and internationally. He has extensive experience in stage management, marketing, set & lighting design. Sri also brings with him over 15 years of experience in a global engineering organization with a focus on people leadership, talent development & operations. 

Bhavik Bhandari 

actor | director | playwright 

Bhavik was the artistic director at Dramanon Manipal, the student wing of Dramanon for two years. He has acted in over 15 plays and performed in 30+ shows. His experience in performing arts extends to dance, stand up comedy, combat training and puppetry. Bhavik also brings with him two years of experience as a robotics engineer.          

Rohan Singhvi
production management

Rohan's association with Dramanon began from his student days in Manipal (MIT)  where he headed the production team for 3 years. Since 2010, he has been an integral member of our production ground force. Rohan has designed and executed sound, managed lighting and backstage for several productions. Rohan brings with him 5 years of experience as a Client services manager at a leading cloud platform company. 

Karan Shurpalekar
production management

Karan has been a part of the production crew since 2008. Karan's focus areas have been marketing, finance and operations. He also leverages his extensive network around the city for sourcing materials for set, costume and prop design. He has been hands on with lighting, sound design and backstage management for our productions. Karan also brings with him 6 years of experience as a Business Analyst. 


Rashmi Vikram
Human Resource specialist

Rashmi brings a wealth of experience in developing diversity & inclusion strategies for both corporate and non-profit sectors. She was a Senior Diversity & Inclusion Specialist at Thomson Reuters, Bangalore where she managed a number of D&I programs across India and led two Global Leadership Development Programs targeting Emerging Leaders and Women Leaders. 

Bharath MC 
Film maker | Editor

Bharath is the founder of Crosscut Films, a film production studio in Bangalore. A graduate in Applied arts, he has trained in film making from Goteborg University, Sweden. Bharath is a trained  western pianist and Indian classical musician. His latest short, 'Fading Red', was 
screened in several international short film festivals.

extended team

Akhil Iyer 

Deepanjan Dey 

Gaurav Shrotriya
Harish Seshadri
Jerin Thomas Sunny

Kavitha Babu 
Kanchan Bhattacharyya

Madhurima Kordale
Mariam Ali

Nakul Bhalla
Nidhi Isaac
Nidhi Pant

Poornima Sukumar
Priya Venkatraman
Rituparna Bhattcharya
Rupesh Patange
Salmin Sheriff
Sandeep MS  

Satyashish Banerjee
Serena Punch

Sonali Kumar
Siddhartha Rao
Sirish Rao
Surabhi Herur
Tabish Shakil

Tavish Bhattacharyya
Zen (Naveen) Chhabria