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alarms & excursions

Written by Michael Frayn | Directed by Sharanya Ramprakash 

Alarms & Excursions, by Michael Frayn, Britain's most tongue-in-cheek playwright is dark, farcical and comic. The play comprises of three short playlets that share a central theme: a humorous & critical commentary on miscommunication between people in our supposed era of instant communication and constant contact. The first playlet "Doubles" involves two couples who check into identical hotel rooms next to each other. In their boxed out rooms that are mirror images of each other we slowly discover that the only thing that eventually separates them is the over-thin walls between their rooms. The second playlet "Alarms" involves an intimate dinner party where the gadget-happy hosts have invited their close friends to dinner. In a true blue 'when gadgets attack' style, all electrical devices in the house go wrong one after the other. A classic farce! The play ends with "Immobiles," a screamingly nightmarish romp created due to lack of mobile phones. Broken bones and broken hearts are the result of this techno faux pas.


Lynn: Priya Venkatraman/Sharanya Ramprakah

Lawrence: Swetanshu Bora

Miles: Deepanjan Dey

Melanie: Serena Punch

Mother: Payal Chowdhury

Chris: Swetanshu Bora/ Nakul Bhalla

Dietrich: Deepanjan Dey/Siddartha Rao


Production Coordinators: Sridhar Prasad & Karan Shurpalekar

Light Design & Management: Harish Seshadri

Sound Design & Management: Nishita Vasanth

Set Design: Rupesh Patange, Madhurima K & Mohit Dhir

Artwork: Rupesh Patange


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