Dramatist anonymous

Bangalore | Hyderabad | Manipal


Written &  Directed by Swetanshu Bora

"Guilt" is a story of coping with grief and betrayal. It's the story of a boy, Kishore, and his would be sister-in-law, Pooja, who is eight years older than him. Pooja is set to marry Kishore's brother, Nitin, and grows very close to Kishore who feels comfortable to confide an intimate secret about himself to her. A sudden turn of events sees Nitin suffer from final stage lung cancer and expiring within a month, which shakes the foundation of all the relationships in the family, especially that of Kishore and Pooja's. Pooja disappears suddenly only to return two years later to tell Kishore about her getting married again, forcing them to dig the past. The play was shortlisted for the 2018 Hindu Playwright Award and was invited to the 2019 Hindu Theatre Fest, Chennai. 


Sumeet Borana
Surabhi Vasisht
Nirlek Dhulla


Production Manager: Sridhar R Prasad
Set & Art Design: Nidhi Isaac
Light Design & Execution: Sunitha M.R
Original Score: Rajesh Kuppili & Siddharth R Kuppili
Sound Execution & Production Asst.: Aswin Varrier
Costume Design: Surabhi Herur