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the original last wish baby

Written by William Seebring | Directed by Sharanya Ramprakash

A blend of black humor, pathos and unexpected moments of comedy. Throughout the play, there is a strong vein of criticism of popular culture and media sensationalism. The play begins with all of America caught up in what may be the last wishes of a baby born without a heart, yet who continues to live. The mother goes on a special TV show with the baby so that everyone can hear its last wishes every night. However, the heart is found, a separate woman having given birth to it, and she brings the whole show to court to expose the fraud of the baby. Briefly, America doubts. The play's radical element lies in its brilliant roller coaster scripting and use of audio-visual medium in such a way that theater borders on cinematic effect.


Anand Ramprasad, Serena Punch,Vinoj Zacharia, Suraj Sundararaj, Sitara Menon,Sharanya Ramprakash, Deepanjan Dey & Serena Punch


Production Coordinators: Sridhar R Prasad & Sathyashish Banerjee

Light Design & Management: Harish Seshadri

Original Music: Anurag Shankar & Thanglian Khup

Sound Design & Management: Anirudh Kidambi

Slides & Videos: Rahul Prabhu

Finance: Gaurav Shrotriya

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