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Written and Directed by Swetanshu Bora

'Pagdi' explores the place of history in modern life. How much should and can a modern man acknowledge and value history, and what are the repercussions of ignoring it? Written in the first person, the play recounts the life of a Sikh man who chases the world of opportunities and wealth. It asks: What did he achieve and what did he have to give up on this journey?

The play received the 2013 Toto Funds the Arts Award for creative writing in English.


Vivek Vijayakumaran

Samta Shikhar 


Production Controllers: Sridhar Prasad & Karan Shurpalekar

Art Director : Nidhi Isaac

Lighting Design: Swetanshu Bora

Original Music : Tavish Bhattacharyya

Set Design: Nidhi Isaac & Sridhar Prasad

Publicity: Nidhi Isaac, Kannan Mehta, Tavishi Sahu   


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