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customized performance

We design customized performances that help raise awareness and provide training on topics such as - Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership Skills, Ethics and Compliance and other HR related policies. We can also customize sketches for product launches, marketing campaigns or maybe to highlight the central theme of a conference. These performances can be of two types: scripted plays that adhere to a written script or interactive plays where the performance is paused midway and audience feedback is solicited to move forward. Our performances are known to bring about startling changes in employee mindset and attitudes which go a long way in creating inspiring and effective workplaces. These interventions can communicate to your employees in a creative, fun and original way. 

case study | diversity and inclusion

The performance highlighted a range of Diversity and Inclusion topics such as Generational Diversity, Gender differences, LGBT, differently abled and regional biases the workplace. It showcased Thomson Reuters strong commitment toward celebrating diversity and being open to differences. Our team collaborated with their HR Leadership for research, customization, scripting which culminated in a performance across multiple venues. 

case study | rewards and recognition 

We created 'High Five', a theatre intervention to encourage the culture of recognition and rewards at Allstate, India. The performance addressed the fact that recognition is a feel good, it needs to be genuine, timely and heartfelt. We performed 6 shows across 2 days to loud applause, standing ovations and changing mindsets! 

case study | product launch

iTOPS - a wonderful tool for iGate's customers, but often misunderstood and feared by the employees. So we stepped in, developed a script that broke the tool down to a simpler language, incorporating dance and music. We performed 70 hugely successful shows across offices in Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Pune and Mumbai. 

supper theatre 

Entertain your audience with an evening of fun theater and gourmet food. Short 10 minute plays that serve as comic relief and help lighten your seminar, annual day, employee get-together or awards night celebrations.

WPO (World Presidents’ Organization) is a global leadership organization of more than 8,000 business leaders with an aim to create a platform to exchange ideas among its members. As part of their learning initiative, we conducted a theater workshop for members from the Bangalore chapter that culminated in an evening of supper theater performance at their annual meeting. 

role play

We role play with individuals to help them handle difficult discussions, develop negotiation skills and confidently navigate their way around a wide range of challenging situations. We build mock scenarios that participants frequently find themselves in such as performance appraisals, company reorg messaging, salary planning etc. Through role play, we get them to practice their learning and hone their skills with our experienced actor-facilitator. Post which we engage them in detailed, constructive feedback. 

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