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Written by Hugh Leonard | Directed by Sharanya Ramprakash

A Chinese box in dramatic form, a toy that is simple to look at but drives one to near madness when played with".

 "Pizzazz" by Hugh Leonard is a cleverly plotted, effervescent comedy about relationships. With its compelling play of words, Pizzazz tells the story of two strangers - Marion and Dr. Conroy, who are inadvertently stranded on a Boat Jetty on the river Shannon waiting for an indefinite boat strike to end. With it's fair share of idiosyncrasies, quirkiness, persistence and insecurities Pizzazz is a loveable comedy of trials, mostly errors & that indefinable "something.


Marion: Priya Venkatraman/Sharanya Ramprakash

Dr. Conroy: Swetanshu Bora/Nakul Bhalla

Rooney: Deepanjan Dey/Siddhartha Rao

Olivia: Chinmayee Dutta/Priya Rao/ Nidhi Pant/Mariam Ali

Mrs.Hand: Rituparna Bhattacharya/Serena Punch


Production Coordinators: Sridhar Prasad, Karan Shurpalekar, Satyashish Banerjee

Light Design & Management: Harish Seshadri/ Swetanshu Bora

Sound Design & Management: Suraj Sundarraj/Mariam Ali

Set Design: Rahul Prabhu & Sridhar R Prasad, Gaurav Shrotriya

Artwork: Rupesh Patange


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