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drama based soft skills 

Theatre is a great medium for building confidence, team work and busting stress. Leverage our skills to execute your soft skills training needs such as - team building, ice breakers, communication and public speaking skills. 

case study | ice breakers

A group of 25 participants were handpicked by their HR for an outbound program. They knew each other, but only on emails and conference calls - the perfect ingredients for a theatre based team building exercise! We worked with the team on building group dynamics, listening skills, non-verbal communication and trust. The outcome was bigger smiles, increased camaraderie and a stronger bond between participants. 

case study | public speaking

We worked with Microsoft's fast-track managers on a hands on, fun and innovative public speaking workshop. The workshop used theatre tools such as breathing techniques, voice modulation, voice projection, body language and gesture. Through a whole day of sessions the team learnt to overcome inhibition, find their inner story teller and build confidence to hold an audience and most importantly - to listen.

theatre workshops

We conduct introductory workshops for your employees interested in learning the craft of theater that can culminate in staging an exciting play for a company event! These sessions can be informative, fun and also help build creative bonds between your employees. 

case study | acting workshop

We worked with 20 aspiring actors from Dell over a period of 10 days at their workplace. The workshop aimed at helping the participants to find their performance energy. It involved working in groups to create tools for enactment, exploring space, movement and physicality and ultimately, learning to build a character. 

case study | page to stage

PWC wanted their trainees, new joinees and senior management to come together and stage a theater production for a company event. Our trainers guided the team from play conceptualization to production. We worked with them over 2 weeks to develop the scripts, cast & train the actors, lead the rehearsal sessions and help direct the play. On the day of the event, our team was there to execute the overall production and wipe away tears of joy at the standing ovations they received! 

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